Industrial style has been popping up on our social media feeds for a while now and I have to say it is one of my favourites!  It reminds me of the converted industrial warehouse lofts, cafes and bars in Berlin, Amsterdam and Tel Aviv I spent a lot of time in through my travels.

modern-industrial-stainless steel-benchtops

Modern industrial is probably the most popular industrial style that people like. Long gone is the glossy white on white kitchens on trend.  People in general seem to want to have elements of industrial in their design. Whether it be their fittings or some of their materials.  Concrete benchtops and stainless steel, open raw exposed timber or steel beams creating that loft warehouse feel. 

Choose finishes that compliment the proletarian feel. Neutral tones, matte finishes imperfect worn textures, metal and wood surfaces & concrete benchtops are really the perfect finish selections for the industrial space. Choose aluminium, steel, iron instead of the bright chrome finishes. 

Industrial raw kitchen finishes.jpg
Open shelves are the epitome of industrial style

They are by far the least minimalist! They show lots of detail. Open shelving epitomize industrial!  stainless steel shelving with pots and pans on display and castor metal islands. A mixture of products and displayed items. So if having nothing on display is your thing, you best shy away from the complete industrial style.

Exposed brick walls are no longer covered in plasterboard

Exposed brick walls are no longer covered with flat plasterboard and flooring is taken off and exposed raw concrete give the rooms a certain raw unfinished charm.

Most loft-style homes and warehouse conversions have exposed pipes for their air-conditioning ducts, plumbing and even drainage.  Rather than hiding them behind ceilings or in walls, they are on show for everyone to see.  The industrial style embellishes this look by keeping them as a feature or even highlighting them.

Industrial kitchen.jpg

Due to the popularity of industrial style kitchens, many who love this look but want a more modern take on the industrial look are opting to just add decor. Perhaps that's why Industrial styling seems to be popular mixing through any style! From the stools to the light fittings. Utilitarian objects are a perfect to give that "industrial style".

Utilitarian objects are perfect to give that industrial style

Lighting and stools would have to be the simplest way to incorporate the look. Opt for the same industrial finshes to give your room a look of simple industrial.