When designing your new kitchen and selecting all the finishes, your kitchen designer will also assist you in choosing the right splashback material.

There is a variety of options to choose from however, it depends on what look you are going for and also where the splashback is. For instance behind your cooktop you cannot use materials that are NOT fire retardant. 

Glass splashback

Some of the most popular splashback's over the last 10 years have been the glass splashback and now you can even see textured glass which is still quite easy to clean compared to lots of grout.  

If you dont want just a solid colour glass splashback, you can choose a design to be printed on the back of the glass. Whether you want a custom artwork or a blown up photograph, the options are limitless.  

Along with glass splashbacks, if you want that seamless sleek look you can opt for a mirrored splashback.  They work well in a small room or if you want to bring the outside reflection inside.  Keep in mind though, that darker glass splashbacks and mirrored splashbacks can show marks if it is in a brightly light room.  So opt for some ambient mood lighting instead.

Tiled Splashback

Tiled splashbacks are definitely on trend at the moment.  Tiles give warmth and texture to a kitchen and can create an eye catching feature to finish off the design of your space.  You will see a lot more textured tiles available and most popular at the moment would have to be the geometric styled tiles.  

From Spanish and Moroccan styles to geometric to subway tiles. There are so many different styles of tiles and some are designed to be individual sheets and some are designed to be in a set so you can format your own design and layout of them.

Remember to choose a grout that looks great with your tile choice as it you either want to accentuate the shape of the tiles or for the tile grout to blend in with them.


Fish scale tiles and herringbone style tiles create a beautiful feature to any walls.


Window splashback

If your room is in need for some additional natural light, you can always opt for a window splashback.  A window splashback can come in all different sizes depending on what size splashback area you have.  Even if you don't have a view out to the ocean or out to snow capped mountains, the window can create a perfect view of that vertical garden you are growing up the side of your fence or the bamboo palms along your side wall.  It is perfect to bring the outside in and you can see how affective it can be.


You will need to consult your architect, building designer and builder to see if this is possible in your plans or for your renovation.

Stone Splashback

Using your a stone splashback is now more popular than ever. Not only will it save on having another supplier/tradesperson to include in the cost of your project, but you will most likely save on time that the project takes.  

Considering what you are doing for your splashback is an important decision that should be integrated into the initial material selections. It is just as important as selecting the finish of your doors or benchtop, sometimes more important as it is one of the first parts of the kitchen people notice.

Many people decide to use either the same stone as they have for the benchtop or to create and eye-catching feature splashback out of calcutta marble or your other feature stones. 

If you have some left over sections of stone, perhaps your can check with your designer if there is enough stone to incorporate some areas of stone upstands instead.  Make sure you consider the area around your stove as it is much easier to wipe down a splashback of grease than a plasterboard wall!  


Or incorporate that upstand with a blackboard splashback a bit of fun!


If you are using stone as a feature, why not add a shelf to keep things off the benchtop. I am a great lover of some open shelving in the kitchen. It enables me to keep things off my benchtops when I am preparing food. Especially small items like salt & pepper & my oils & sauces.  


These narrow depth shelves on top of the upstands not only create an eye catching feature it serves a purpose as well.

Metal splashback

Another choice of splashback to select from are metal splashbacks. They probably aren't as popular, except for the industrial stainless steel splashbacks which have been around for quite some time.  Sheet metal splashbacks suit your industrial style kitchen as they are meant to look a bit rustic and imperfect. 


 Sheet metal splashbacks suit your industrial style kitchen as they are meant to look a bit rustic and imperfect. 


The new pressed tin splashbacks create a beautiful detail to any kitchen, however keep in mind that usually these tin splashbacks you need to be a little more delicate with as they are made from quite a soft metal like aluminium.  They also should be powder coated so that they are more scratch resistant. 

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